All in one Video Player of Mac OS X systems

What You Need
  -Mac OS 10.4 or Later
-Download Link

Elmedia Player is an easy-to-use and capable multimedia player for all users of Mac OS X systems. Elmedia sets itself apart from other video players by supporting a wide variety of video formats, most uniquely, Real Player videos. Its ability to play majority of new and old popular video formats is packaged into very usable user interface that is quite similar to iTunes.

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Download Manager For Mac

What You Need
  -Mac OS 10.4 or Later
  -Download Link

Ever since I bought a new MacBook Pro I was looking for a good Download Manager. A tool that is simple enough to catch the file as soon as I click on the hyperlink (irrespective of which browser I use) and smart enough to organize my download by file type on predefined locations.

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Desktop Wallpaper keeps going back to the standard wallpaper after reboot

Hey guys a lot of my friends recently updated to 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and for some reason the desktop wallpaper keep on changing to default Galaxy wallpaper whenever  they restart or shutdown Mac. Couple of them have even re-installed the Mountain Lion but same result.

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Internet Explorer has stopped working (Fault Module Name: nvumdshim.dll)

When using Internet Explorer 9, you keep getting an error message stating “Internet Explorer has stopped working”. Additional information states that the Fault Module Name is nvumdshim.dll.

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wireless validating identy

Wireless connection status: Validating Identity…!!!

Sometime while connecting to a wireless network in your laptops or in desktop you cannot use the Internet and see the following message: ”Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on the network”. The status of the connection states “Validating Identity…”.

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How to Re-enable Task Manager When Disabled by Virus

Many virus and Trojans in the network are infecting your computer and they modify the system files. The most common Trojans rewrite the system files or the registry file to disable some mandatory services of your computer. Suppose your computer is infected by virus and you want to remove the virus manually from your computer.

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enable or disable pendrive usb port using C program

How to Disable USB Ports to Block USB Storage Devices in Windows 7

These days almost everyone owns USB storage device. It’s available in shape of small flash drives, external hard disks, mobile phones, cameras, and lots of other portable devices and apparently that make your system quite vulnerable so if you want to secure your computer from data theft , viruses or any other risks then simply disable the USB ports for USB storage devices / disk drives and enable its when it’s require.

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router ip

Find your router IP address the easy way.

A lot of friends keep on asking me how can I find the IP address of my router. Well today I am going to show you 2 easy way to find the IP address of your Router.

Method 1

1. Click the Start button.

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Facebook Windows Messenger…Available for Download…!!!

Last Month Facebook unveiled there Official Facebook messenger for Windows. At the moment Facebook Messenger is only available for Windows and lets you to chat or message your friends over Facebook without being logged into Facebook web portal.

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How to Go Back to Facebook Old Photo Viewer If You Want to

We all love how Facebook come up with new ravishing features every other month which changes our experiences completely. But there are some things which we still like to use or view the old fashion way. Today we are going to talk about another amazing feature which is recently been published by Facebook the New improve photo viewer which basically show all the comment on the photo next to the photo.

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What is Svchost.exe and Why is it utilizing alot of Memory…!!!

You might away wonder why the hell a number of processes runs with the name svchost.exe. You can’t end them, and you never started them… so what are these process…?

So What Is It?

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How To Install Windows 8 From A USB Flash Drive

I am Sure most of you have got the latest upcoming Windows 8 developer’s Preview copy and probably you guys must be running it on your PC’s by now.  Most of you must be running it either on a virtual machine or might have installed it on a separate partition in your harddrive.

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